Healing and wholeness for men


Healing and Wholeness for Men

We believe underlying many of society's most pressing challenges is a lack of understanding about dealing with the emotional healing and wholeness 

for men.

Our Vision - To assist organisations and communities by equipping them to intentionally and proactively engage in programs that bring transformation, healing, and wholeness for men from all walks of life.

Our Mission – To bring awareness to men that they are truly loved, and it can and will be ok to seek and find help.

Love My Boys is a part of the community care sector.  We offer effective programs that provide hope and opportunities for under-represented men in society.  We assist men to survive, learn, and eventually contribute.  We believe that social programs and services touch people’s lives.  Love My Boys understands that the problems it solves daily benefits people, families, and its community in a significant way when men are healthy and whole.  

    Primary prevention is not a single approach; it requires specific and targeted strategies to ensure all men, women and children are safe from all forms of violence.  Our primary prevention projects are designed to change the social conditions that excuse, justify, permit or promote violence, our aim is to stop the violence before it starts through men acknowledging and seeking help when need.